Food Contamination

Roundup’s Toxic Chemical Glyphosate, Found in 100% of California Wines Tested – “Even organic and biodynamic products tested positive for the chemical.”

100 Percent of Oat Products Tested Positive for Glyphosate – “The average level of glyphosate in cereal samples was 360 parts per billion (ppb), which FOE noted is more than twice the level set by Environmental Working Group (EWG) scientists for lifetime cancer risk in children. Some of the cereal samples contained residues as high as 931 ppb.”

The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary

US annually uses 388 million pounds of potentially fatal pesticides banned in the EU, China and Brazil

Plastic threads found in oysters, clams along Oregon coast

Rising emissions are robbing us of nutrients

You could be ingesting a teaspoon of microplastic every week, study finds

100 Percent of Oat Products Tested Positive for Weedkiller Glyphosate

Pesticide residues found in 70% of produce sold in US even after washing

Don’t want antibiotics sprayed on your citrus? Sorry – it’s about to expand, big-time

Dwindling and Declining Resources

Planet of the Humans

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, May 1, 2021

Farmers Warn That The Megadrought In The Western U.S. Threatens To Cause Devastating Crop Failures In 2021

Dust Bowl conditions are returning as climate scientists warn of multi-state “mega-drought”

“We Are Hungry” – Violent Protests Erupt As Lebanon ‘Hyperinflation’ Accelerates

‘Unwelcoming’ Food Inflation Outpaces Incomes With Destabilization Risks For Emerging Markets

“Things Are Out Of Control” – There Is A Shortage Of Everything And Prices Are Soaring: What Happens Next

The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, March 6, 2021, #291

Bill Gates and Neo-Feudalism: A Closer Look at Farmer Bill

Global Warming Poses Threat to Food Chains – “Impact Could Be Severe” – “the foundation of food webs that support freshwater and marine ecosystems that humans depend on.”

Decline of bees, other pollinators threatens US crop yields

COVID-19 pandemic threatens global food security

Why locusts are descending on East Africa

Why we’re seeing the worst locust invasion in decades and how Covid-19 exacerbates it

Swarms of locusts threaten food security for millions in India

Global crop failures continue: In Australia this is going to be the WORST HARVEST ever recorded

360 Billion Locusts And Growing – A Plague Of ‘Biblical Proportions’ Is Destroying Crops Across The Middle East And Africa

Officials Are Using The Word “Disaster” To Describe The Widespread Crop Failures Happening All Over America

Record Low Temps Up To 50 Degrees Below Normal Threaten To Absolutely Wreck The Rest Of The Harvest Season

Due To The Weather, Midwest Farmers Fear Widespread Crop Failures And A “Record-Low” Harvest In 2019

AccuWeather predicts even lower corn and soybean yield for 2019 after latest report

Brace for food wars: science writer issues warning to world

Federal Government: 19 Million Acres Of Farmland Not Planted With Crops in 2019

A Banana-Killing Fungus Has Reached Latin America. Does This Spell the End for Bananas?

Climate Change Threatens the World’s Food Supply, United Nations Warns

‘People are dying’: how the climate crisis has sparked an exodus to the US

Farm Deluge Starts to Seep Into America’s Fragile Rural Economy

No End in Sight for Record Midwest Flood Crisis — High waters continue to swamp towns and agricultural fields throughout the Mississippi basin

Mike Pence dodges climate change questions as Agriculture Department buries new scientific studies

Agriculture Department buries studies showing dangers of climate change

India heat wave triggers clashes over water

Farmageddon: Tariff-Slammed Farmers Now Battling Climate Change Flood Hell

Global food crisis ahead as extreme weather events devastate crops and fields around the world

Farmageddon Looms: Only 30% Of US Corn Fields Have Been Planted, 5 Year Average Is 66%

Crop Catastrophe In The Midwest – Latest USDA Crop Progress Report Indicates That A Nightmare Scenario Is Upon Us

Global Warming Is Hitting Ocean Species Hardest, Including Fish Relied on for Food

Catastrophic Flooding In Midwest Could Last “For Months”, Threatens US Food Production

U.S. Farmers Face Devastation Following Midwest Floods

Something is rapidly killing young apple trees in North American orchards

Floods kill up to 300,000 cattle costing drought-ravaged farmers $300 million

Global wheat supply falls to crisis levels; big China stocks won’t provide relief

Cattle Herds Risk `Liquidation’ as Canada Hay Costs Double

Europe’s blistering heatwave is ruining this year’s harvest (2018)

Climate Change Could Lead to Major Crop Failures

The Six Natural Resources Most Drained by Our 7 Billion People

Legendary Scientists Weigh In On Converging Crises Threatening Future Food Security

The Great Nutrient Collapse In Our Food