Methane; Nitrous Oxide; Ozone

Scientists say this invisible gas could seal our fate on climate change – “methane, an invisible, odorless gas with more than 80 times more warming power in the near-term than carbon dioxide.”

Thawing Permafrost in Siberia Could Release ‘Methane Bomb’ that Accelerates Global Warming

Submarine Permafrost Has Been Overlooked as a Major Source of Greenhouse Gases

Russia is to lose its permafrost, minister of natural resources warns – “Russian permafrost area is also the world’s biggest reservoir of organic carbon, which converts into a greenhouse gas including methane once it thaws.”

Scientists in the Arctic’s ‘Ice Factory’ Found a Worrying Sign of Climate Change – “Last year, following a historic heatwave across Siberia, the Laptev Sea did not freeze in October for the first time on record”; “All these parameters accelerate the degradation of subsea permafrost and contribute to the release of methane into the atmosphere that is soluble in seawater, and methane contained in bottom sediments.”

Record‐Breaking Increases in Arctic Solar Ultraviolet Radiation Caused by Exceptionally Large Ozone Depletion in 2020

The Exploding Craters of Siberia

Abandoned Fracking Wells Left Spewing Climate-Killing Methane Nationwide
“There are an estimated two million such unplugged wells in the U.S., according to the Times.”

The Rumbling Methane Enigma

Russian scientists say they’ve found the highest-ever ‘flares’ of methane in Arctic waters

Nitrous oxide emissions set to rise in the Pacific Ocean — “The greenhouse gas effect of N2O is 298 times greater than that of CO2.”

Russian scientists find ‘most powerful’ ever methane seep in Arctic Ocean

A conversation with Peter Wadhams : The Methane Threat

Sharp rise in methane levels threatens world climate targets – “What we are now witnessing is extremely worrying”

Natural gas leaks are a much bigger problem than we thought

Massive Blobs of ‘Fire Ice’ Lurks Beneath the Ocean. We Know Almost Nothing About Them.

The warming Arctic permafrost may be releasing more nitrous oxide than previously thought

Greenland’s ice sheet is emitting a lot of methane

NASA has discovered Arctic lakes bubbling with methane—and that’s very bad news

Seven facts you need to know about the Arctic methane timebomb

Global Methane – “Once again we established a record high as atmospheric methane hit its annual peak.”

February Global CO2 Increase of 2.78 ppm Over 2017

Widespread Methane Seeps Off Oregon Coast

Mysterious Craters Blowing Out of Russia Could Mean Trouble for the Whole Planet

Discovered: 200-plus Arctic Lakes Which Bubble Like Jacuzzis From Seeping Methane Gas

Massive Craters From Methane Explosions Discovered in Arctic Ocean Where Ice Melted

Siberia’s Methane Blow-holes First Warning of Unstoppable Climate Change

Global Warming Causing Methane Blowholes

More Siberian Methane Blowholes Found in Permafrost

The Global Methane Emergency Is Now